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> Suggestion, For "new" admins
Posted: Aug 18 2004, 06:57 AM
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I've been with you guys for awhile and I have learned a LOT by reading the posts etc.

I have a suggestion for people like me, who are "part time" admins, have full time jobs in another field, and who just so happen to not be afraid of setting up websites for their own business....

I love the fact that you guys are always improving! I just can't keep up with it. Maybe because I'm not in the field, or wanting to spend 40 hours a week learning the applications that you provide in the hosting packages unless I have to.

I understand the differences in the hosting packages, I think you do a great job at that , but the next level down in detail (where the actual features are) is hard for me to understand.

For example, I don't know what the differences are in control panels, what webmail program would be the best to put onto my VPS account, what application takes care of user management and stuff like:

What's JRUN, Darwin, Webmin, Tomcat, shoutcast, JDK, usermin, etc, etc.

I may have used these in other hosting packages without knowing what they are, and i may never need these things, but I am struggling with trying to find out what features each provide me as a web admin.

It's compounded by the speed at which this stuff gets cranked out too. Every year, it's more and more.

I know you're not a training company, and I understand that your first order is to provide this stuff, and I think you do the best job at it, but is there any help you can provide or links you can point people to for a quick paragraph on each thing?

Just a suggestion!

PMEmail Poster
Posted: Aug 18 2004, 10:54 AM
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Excellent suggestion. Since we know and understand all this stuff already and regularly sell to people who go looking for a specific software package on their VPS, we sometimes forget that there others out there like yourself who are more keenly focused on what it can do rather than looking for an application they already know they need.

I'll work on putting something together and I'll post a link to it on this thread when it is complete. We'll probably also link to it from our sales and support sites as well.

Thanks for the suggestion! If you have any more, please don't hesitate to speak up. wink2.gif

Andrew Kinney
CTO, Advantagecom Networks

Please do not private message me. My regular management duties preclude responding to every customer that sends me a support issue. Instead, post on the forum or contact tech support.
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