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> Adding a Site - Charged me another month. Help!, Cancelled order, but now having issues
Posted: Feb 28 2007, 08:11 PM
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My account is Austex Sales. I was trying to 'Add Site', type in a domain that I already have registered, and selected to host it under a new dedicated IP address. First of all, the order wouldn't give me the option to pay with my credit card that was already on file. It only gave options to Pay Offline, Pay by Phone, and by Wire Transfer (I think, don't remember.) So I got out of the order process to see if I could pay using my credit card by going through the Billing History section. When I went there, imagine my surprise when the system had created a new monthly subscription order and was trying to charge me another $39.95 for next month in addition to the pro-rated IP costs. I noticed that it renewed by hosting subscription for another month (to April), but also created a separate order for the addtional IP address. That didn't make sense to me. It should only have charged me for the additonal IP, right? So I cancelled the orders to try to start over. Problem is that HSP won't let me use the same domain name again (it's on file in my domains list, but un-usable) because HSP thinks I've already used it. Basically, I think the domain is now tied to the cancelled orders.

I doubt that you can re-instate the cancelled orders. So will you please just delete the extra domain name off of your system (and untie it from those orders and my account), so that I can start this process over again. Maybe I can get help from billing in the morning.


Austex Sales

ETA: I was not adding a new subscription...just a new site to my existing subscription. I think the additional IP address threw the entire thing off.

One last question: if I add the new domain to the existing IP for now, will I be able to separate it to a new IP later? It seems like this is possible here, and quite easy. But I thought I'd ask just in case it isn't.
Posted: Mar 1 2007, 11:04 AM
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The order you placed for the new domain contained the order for the additional IP address. Additional IP addresses are $1.00 per IP address per domain for your account. The initial order is prorated for the remaining time on your current VPS subscription. So in this case, the order was for $0.81 since there was 0.81 months left in your current subscription.

Renewal orders are generated 25 days ahead of time to provide advance notice for our customers. You were not required to pay the renewal order that is due on a future date when you place an order for additional resources. The amount that was pending to be paid was just $0.81.

When the order was cancelled, the domain portion of the order was only partially set up. I have removed the partially set up domain from HSPC so it can be added back to the VPS.

Your orders are not processed immediately, due to the anti-fraud system marking orders processed through your account for human review. This means that your orders will be processed by our billing department during our business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time (currently GMT-8) Monday through Friday. Contact our billing department if you have any questions regarding the reasons that orders on your account are automatically flagged for human review.

One last question: if I add the new domain to the existing IP for now, will I be able to separate it to a new IP later? It seems like this is possible here, and quite easy. But I thought I'd ask just in case it isn't.

You can add a domain to a VPS and change the IP address of a hostname of that domain, but only if there are no sites associated with that hostname. Once a hostname is associated with a site the IP address cannot be changed for that site without removing the site from the HSPC control panel.

Matt B.
Advantagecom Technical Support

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