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> How to Avoid Quota Problems when Recompiling Software
Posted: Dec 3 2002, 11:21 AM
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Since this seems to be a common issue that can be avoided with a little preparation and forethought, I thought I'd post this up as a sticky topic.

By default, most system files in a VDS (like libraries, standard utilities, etc.) are setup using special hard links so that every VDS shares one copy of the file to conserve real physical disk space. If a program is showing in the control panel as "installed into the OS", then that program normally resides outside your quota. When that program or its files are changed, replaced, or deleted and later copied back in, the hard link is broken and those files are then physically unique to your account. It no longer gets shared with any other VDS and so must reside within your quota.

This isn't a problem if you have a large quota, but if you purchased a VDS account with a small quota, you may run into problems if too many system files end up residing in your quota.

To avoid running into problems later, we recommend creating a directory like /usr/local/mystuff where you do all custom binaries and software installation. This would avoid touching any of the files that are "installed into the OS" so it would be an easy clean-up later if you decide you want to revert to the original files and regain your quota.

We are looking into ways to wipe clean a VDS account so someone can start over, but it will most likely mean you'll lose all data you've uploaded or changed on the VDS. With a little care and preparation, you can avoid that altogether.

Andrew Kinney
CTO, Advantagecom Networks

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