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> My VE won't start and it is currently in the stopped state
Posted: May 27 2003, 03:37 PM
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The first thing to try is to start your VE from the HSPC control panel ( https://manage.speedingbits.com/cp ). Restarting/rebooting from anything other than the HSPC control panel will not work. For instance, running "shutdown -r now" on a normal Linux system would cause it to reboot, but on a VE it only stops the VE and will not start it again. The same goes for any web based applications that would allow you to reboot a normal Linux server (like Plesk Server Administrator and Webmin). They will only stop the VE. VEs must be stopped and started from the HSPC control panel only.

If you've tried starting your VE from the HSPC control panel and it still shows the "stopped" state after clicking the "refresh" link in the upper right hand corner of the control panel after several minutes have passed, then there is likely a problem with your VE that will require intervention from technical support to correct.

For instances where a VE refuses to start (don't forget to use the "refresh" link in the upper right hand corner of the HSPC control panel), please send an email to support@advantagecom.net to ensure your specific request is properly tracked. Be sure to include your account ID and/or your domain name in the request.

If it is urgent, you may want to consider contacting them by phone to ensure the support department is aware of the urgency of your request.

The forum is primarily for information and advice rather than requesting certain actions be taken by staff within a certain time period. The forum is used by many people other than our staff and specific requests are relevant only to the requester after the requested action has been taken. We would like to avoid cluttering the forum with repetitive requests that have no value to the forum community.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Andrew Kinney
CTO, Advantagecom Networks

Please do not private message me. My regular management duties preclude responding to every customer that sends me a support issue. Instead, post on the forum or contact tech support.
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