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> Spammers tricking Anti-Spam
Posted: Feb 10 2006, 07:49 AM
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I have one client with 35 mail accounts using the new Anti-Spam service. The amount of spam (and viruses) getting blocked is amazing. Two-thirds of their mail volume is junk.

Lately, they have been sending me some examples of spam that is getting through the filter. At first glance, I could not see why. The names of various medications were fully spelled out in perfect english with no (apparent) attempt to obfuscate the terms.

I tried viewing the html source, and could not find the terms. Then I tried copy/pasting the email into notepad. The terms come out totally scrampled like the example below. This is what keeps the Anti-Spam filters from catching it. It must have a script running that un-scrambles the text for presentation into normal readable terms.


VfAaLwlpUdMn m$f1c,q2c1v
VvIcAqGgRqAf m$y3h,g7p5e
CiIzAsLzIfSr h$r3x,x3s3v

Displays as:

VALIUM $1.21
VIAGRA $3.75
CIALIS $3.33

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Posted: Feb 10 2006, 09:34 AM
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Any time you have mails get through the anti-spam service that you or your client believes to be spam, please forward the entire message (including full and complete headers - sending as an attachment usually works great) to support@advantagecom.net so we can examine it and determine why it got through.

If it turns out the spam filtering let it through, we'll forward it to the editorial review team managing the filters so that they can craft a filter that will catch it.

Another reason spam sometimes gets by the filters is that some spammers ignore MX records and instead send spam directly to the web server rather than through the mail server designated in DNS by the MX record (the anti-spam system). By examining the headers, our support staff can determine if this is happening and help you resolve it if you would like.

Andrew Kinney
CTO, Advantagecom Networks

Please do not private message me. My regular management duties preclude responding to every customer that sends me a support issue. Instead, post on the forum or contact tech support.
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